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Herman Muys


Out of thin clay slices Herman Muys creates delicate ceramic figures. He makes scaled-down versions, normally no taller than 80 or 90 cm of human, animal as well as imaginative forms.
These figures, although often fragmented, are always represented in al its essential aspects. Sometimes pieces of torso or other body limps emerge from under or outside another, which allows us to see the thickness of its “skin”. The rough surfaces, veined by a mix of different clay types, are surrounded with refined extensions, which, as it seems are clanged to the body, as to a magnetic pole. Because the eyes are sightless, the hands, the feet and the stance take over the outward, expressive content. Thanks to an emotional determination the inward emotions are brought to a highlight. It is as if these figures have all these pent-up emotions within them and were petrified just before the finale blast.

During the sixties Herman Muys studied Monumental Art at the National High Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp. His first successes were actually booked in a totally different field. In the late sixties he has won the National Prize for Tapestry and had a commission for ITT to make a monumental stained-glass window. It was actually Monique Muylaert, whom he met at the National Institute and later became his wife that passed on the enthusiasm for ceramics.

At first he created fairy tail-like creatures, originating from a pure imaginary world, often related to the Flemish art of Bosch or Breughel. Gradually he evolved towards more realistic figures. He tries to bring into the sculpture an immense physical energy, which it nevertheless seems unable to release. The emotions awakened in his artworks are not represented by aggressive movements, in fact al his sculptures seem to be motionless. He has found the secret to insert heroic emotions rather as a smouldering, silent awareness. Herman never intents to copy reality, worse still he deliberately deviates from it. Many of his figures are fragmented, which makes them more vulnerable. It is probably this vulnerability which strikes the spectators the most.

Herman Muys rarely talks about his work; but he creates and subjects his art consciously or driven by intuition to other people’s judgement. The spectator, willing or not is forced to express his or her own opinion. The artworks however are so strong, that the message is unmistakable. The trappings; like staffs, crosses, Archbishop’s mitres or even the wings or the moon give already some guidelines. Add to this the stance and facial expressions and we immediately understand that the arrogant display of the figures is an attempt to make us realise the importance of existence, and the way we cope with it. These figures symbolise the lack of true understanding of how this gift of life might be used to a better effect.
But Herman’s real talent is that spectators can, even besides this very strong and obvious significance, still find a very personal understanding.

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