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The Artworks-site offers you a view on the Ceramic works of Herman Muys and Monique Muylaert. When you decide to visit this site on a regular base it will help you to keep posted upon the new or coming exhibitions in Belgium as well as in foreign countries.

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Herman Muys

Out of thin clay slices Herman Muys creates delicate ceramic figures. He makes scaled-down versions, normally no taller than 80 or 90 cm of human, animal as well as imaginative forms.
These figures, although often fragmented, are always represented in al its essential aspects. Sometimes pieces of torso or other body limps emerge from under or outside another, which allows us to see the thickness of its skin. The rough surfaces, veined by a mix of different clay types, are surrounded with refined extensions, which, as it seems are clanged to the body, as to a magnetic pole. Because the eyes are sightless, the hands, the feet and the stance take over the outward, expressive content. Thanks to an emotional determination the inward emotions are brought to a highlight. It is as if these figures have all these pent-up emotions within them and were petrified just before the finale blast.


Monique Muylaert

Monique Muylaert creates refined ceramic relieves, exposing a whole world of forms and movements. With thin clay layers and fragile porcelain strips, height- and depth-contrast are created in an undulating motion, which transforms the flat relief into a three-dimensional whole. In the wet clay slices she carves beautiful stories, sometimes figurative, other times abstract, brightened up with refreshing colours. She often starts from an abstract idea which gradually evolves towards new visions. The complexity of a labyrinth or the colour shades in a landscape might be a new impulse for creativity. Simple, every day objects are studied, reflected upon and recreated. These artworks show us the results of an immense and constant creativity, which never seems to decrease.